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The search field accepts scientific plant names, i. e. names of genera or Brassicaceae tribes.


  • Camelineae — will find information about all member genera of tribe Camelineae.
  • Arabidopsis — will find information about the genus Arabidopsis.

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Heidelberg Botanic Garden and Herbarium

Besides BrassiBase, also the Heidelberg Botanic Garden and its extensive herbarium (HEID) provides plant material including Brassicaceae taxa for scientific purposes. A database for both, the living and herbarium collection is accessible online:

Online Database Heidelberg Botanic Garden & Herbarium

The Heidelberg Botanic Garden harbours collections, that can be attributed to the prolific collector Werner Rauh, who collected 25.000 herbarium specimens as well as 10.000 accessions of living plants during nearly 40 world-wide expeditions in the period from 1955 to 1994. He was focused on xerophytes, especially from Madagascar, bromeliads and tropical orchids. Approximately 2.000 of these living accessions are still cultivated in the Heidelberg Garden, among them ca. 90 that represent type material. The Werner Rauh Heritage Project aims to document the Rauh-collection data retrospectively primarily based on field books. A freely available online database of this project can be found here:

Online Database Werner Rauh Heritage Project

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