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The search field accepts scientific plant names, i. e. names of genera or Brassicaceae tribes.


  • Camelineae — will find information about all member genera of tribe Camelineae.
  • Arabidopsis — will find information about the genus Arabidopsis.

After having typed 3 characters, you'll be provided with suggestions from the database.

Export options

Export diagram.

Diagram as SVG

Browser view
Scalable Vector Graphics: a graphics format suitable for import into many graphics programs e. g. Adobe, Corel, Inkscape...
"Comma-separated values": a data format suitable for import into most spreadsheet and database programs. The column separator used here is the semicolon. Character coding is UTF-8.
A format commonly used in phylogenetics to represent a tree structure as nested brackets.
"American standard code for information interchange": the name can be used almost synonymously with "plain text", also including a very limited graphics capability.
A format commonly used to store alignments along with meta-information, e. g. analysis parameters. Used e. g. by PAUP* and MrBayes.
Probably due to its simplicity the most frequently used sequence or alignment format ever designed. Used by a vast majority of bioinformatics programs and packages.
Widely used alignment format. Required as input by many bioinformatics programs. The interleaved version is exported here. Unfortunately very limited meta-information capabilities.
The alignment format originally used by the GCG Wisconsin bioinformatics package (e. g. Pileup). Still widely used as an alignment format.
The format used by Clustal (and some other programs) to store alignments.

Morphology plotter

Click on the trait list to the left to select morphologic properties within the Brassicaceae family.

Mouse over the paintbrush symbols () to choose colors for your property of interest.

Bar graphs will be added to the phylogenetic diagram, visualizing the amount of genera per tribe where species exhibit a given property.

By clicking on the percent symbol () you can switch to a simpler "present/absent" type of view.


Species Checklist v1.0

Morphology Tool


The Morphology Tool provides an option to test ideas regarding the evolution of morphological character states and various biological traits of Brassicaceae at the generic level, which can be visualized within a tribe-, evolutionary lineage- or family-wide perspective. The underlying character matrix represents a set of discrete character states which can be grouped in any combinations and plotted against the phylogenetic backbone of the family. The tool is complement to characters and their states used in the Interactive Key and, therefore, both tools are fully compatible with each other.

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